Individual Psychotherapy

The most popular form of Psychotherapy (psychological therapy or talk therapy) is individual therapy. Psychotherapy may encompass many different treatment styles including psychoanalysis and cognitive-behavioral therapy.  Dr. Aiello’s private therapy sessions will focus on changing problematic behaviors, feelings, and thoughts by discovering their unconscious meanings and motivations.

Private Therapy, One on One Counseling and Talk Therapy

 Dr. Aiello is a trauma/addiction psychotherapist with an MFT license and a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology. Her Specialties include; Trauma and PTSD, Substance Abuse, Addictions, and Relationship Issues. She is well known in the industry for having an engaging and personable style that immediately puts clients at ease. Her welcoming nature and skilled approach help create a bond necessary for deeper insights and behavioral change. While empathetic, kind, and occasionally humorous, she is also direct, offering guidance and support when appropriate and necessary.

Dr. Aiello will help you dig into your family of origin issues as reflected in the patient’s current personal and professional relationships and to uncover patterns both positive and negative that are either helpful and need expansion, or negative and require new behavioral choices for better living.

In Individual Therapy with Dr. Aiello You Will Learn to Navigate Through These Mental Health issues:

  • Depression
  • Trauma and PTSD
  • Anxiety
  • Addiction Including Drugs, Alcohol, Gambling, and Sex
  • Stress Management including Mindfulness for Stress Reduction and Relapse Prevention
  • LGBTQ+ Issues
  • Substance Abuse
  • Attachment Disorders
  • Couples Therapy from PACT perspective
  • Marriage Counseling
  • Healing from Narcissistic Abuse
  • Personality Disorders and Traits
  • Mental Wellness issues related to stresses and Loss due to the Covid-19 Outbreak
  • Grief and Loss
  • Daring Way/Rising Strong
  • Life Transition
  • Life Coaching
  • Mindfulness

With addictions, Dr. Aiello facilitates in exploring family of origin issues as reflected in a patient’s current personal and professional relationships.  She works cognitive behaviorally easing into insight-oriented and psychodynamically focused work.  This focused work may or may not include trauma therapy such as EMDR and TRM , a somatic modality.

Dr. Aiello is influenced by the humanities, psychoanalytic and attachment theories, and various spiritual philosophies. Dr. Aiello also has specific expertise working with physicians and other health professionals as well as creative artists struggling with burnout, addictions, creative blocks, and relationship challenges.

You will find that by engaging in a strong, therapeutic relationship, we will both work to uncover the sometimes unconscious motivations and self-destructive behaviors, defenses, and thoughts that are preventing you from living your life to the fullest capacity. It takes work and discipline to change, but with a competent, experienced therapist who will walk with you during your journey, you will find that you can learn to take charge of your life and to take responsibility for your own choices.

Dr. Aiello works with several Psychiatrists each specializing in specific chemical imbalances that include:

  • Addiction (Suboxone Certified)
  • ADHD and Anxiety
  • Depression
  • OCD

Dr. Angela Aiello Psychotherapist - Therapy That Heals
Dr. Angela Aiello, LMFT
License #45128

If you’re struggling with challenges such as depression, trauma, PTSD, anxiety, grief, addictions, stresses from COVID-19, substance abuse, spiritual issues, or personality disorders, perhaps you will allow me to help as your psychotherapist. I work with individuals, adolescents, couples, and families of all faiths and sexual orientations. 

Dr Aiello is a Member -CAMFT-APA


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