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Dr. Aiello’s Approach to Private Professionals Therapy


Dr. Aiello has more than 10 years in the treatment of professionals ranging from licensed physicians and medical and mental health specialists, attorneys, high profile business executives from all industries. Many professional men and women suffer from impairment that is not necessarily an indication of clear and present risk to self or others, but they stay away from treatment due to the stigma associated with the disorders. Also, they may function well in their work environments, however still struggle with alcohol or drug related issues ie: binge drinking, “weekend warriors” who party hard during their time off or people who hide their escalating drinking or drug use to mitigate stressors or the pressures of their home or professional lives.

When indicated, she has conferred and cooperated with courts and/or legal entities and monitoring programs for more than 10 years in various in and out patient professional programs designed specifically for professionals in mental health and substance abuse crisis and recovery.

She is known for her gentle but firm style and has helped hundreds of men and women return to the work force stronger and more confident in their abilities to handle the stressors of their high-powered jobs.

Outpatient Treatment and Treatment Planning

Coming to treatment before there is a crisis is important. This helps to mitigate outside entities from unnecessary and intrusive involvement. Catching the problems before they spiral out of control and require more invasive means of treatment is important. Dr. Aiello will provide a full, confidential assessment and create a custom treatment plan for the patient. Using a combination of relapse prevention strategies, insight oriented therapy for family of origin and trauma focused treatment(s), mindfulness for stress reduction, as well as other referrals for ancillary modalities such as breath work, neurofeedback and body work,  Dr. Aiello will create a time sensitive schedule for busy professionals to ensure the highest level of care in confidence and in an environment that is calming and sophisticated. She will also provide referrals for psychiatric intervention if necessary.

If a professional in crisis requires inpatient treatment, Dr. Aiello will help set up and coordinate an appropriate in-patient facility for detox and/or full treatment in or out of state. Dr. Aiello will stay abreast of their cases while they are in treatment and work with those treatment professionals to prepare for discharge. She will handle all communications with appropriate monitoring entities, file reports to respective boards, hospital wellness and legal programs such as LAP (Lawyer Assistance Program) to help patients navigate the journey inherent in their new way of life.

Referrals for drug and alcohol monitoring programs will be provided if indicated. However, Dr. Aiello is fully equipped to handle any monitoring requests utilizing sober-link and/or outside testing.

Professional Monitoring

Professional Monitoring should be an integral part of any professionals’ recovery. Whether as part of a post treatment aftercare, an adjunct to intensive outpatient, or 12 step involvement, Dr. Aiello will provide additional accountability as an alternative to more punitive monitoring programs or formal disciplinary action that prohibits a licensed professional from working in their field.

  • Monitoring can be a beneficial part of recovery that includes additional security and trust for loved ones and their support networks.
  • Monitoring adds an additional source of support and accountability to employers, loved ones and other entities who desire or require proof of abstinence
  • Monitoring facilitates personal responsibility and accountability to one’s sobriety
  • Monitoring also provides an early indication of a return to drug or alcohol use signaling a possible need to adjust an individual’s treatment plan to better meet his or her needs.

Research shows that professional monitoring provides a higher success rate in achieving long term abstinence

Early Intervention Heads Off Potential Future Risks

Before a substance abuse problem escalates into a crisis requiring in-patient treatment, Dr. Aiello can help identify the misuse and abuse of yours or your loved ones substance abuse with symptoms including:

  • Defensiveness, isolation, irritability and difficulty following through on work or familial responsibilities
  • Suspicious behaviors surrounding drinking or drug abuse such as lying, hiding, denial, slurred speech, lack of coordination, impaired memory or attention, affect dysregulation
  • Leaving the workplace (to consume alcohol or drugs), the smell of alcohol on the breath, dilated or constricted pupils, frequent tardiness for work or poorly explained absences.


Dr. Aiello provides confidential, competent and comprehensive services for professionals seeking complete abstinence or moderation management from mind altering substances.

  • Initial assessments to screen for level of care and provide appropriate referrals if necessary
  • Provide assistance to all people with drug and alcohol issues
  • Relapse Prevention skills and 12 step encouragement or other outside group support for identification and social relationships
  • Intensive psychotherapy including trauma therapy utilizing a number of trauma focused modalities
  • Provide consultations with employee assistance programs and hospital well-being committees as well as risk managers and other related professional personnel
  • Referrals for confidential monitoring and support groups by licensed mental health professionals
  • Letters of assistances and recommendations for level of care, return to work readiness
  • On-going monitoring and reporting to “concerned entities” when indicated
  • Random and unannounced drug testing conducted by independent laboratories

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Dr. Angela Aiello, LMFT
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If you’re struggling with challenges such as depression, trauma, PTSD, anxiety, grief, addictions, stresses from COVID-19, substance abuse, spiritual issues, or personality disorders, perhaps you will allow me to help as your psychotherapist. I work with individuals, adolescents, couples, and families of all faiths and sexual orientations. 

Dr Aiello is a Member -CAMFT-APA


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